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Domestic Italian Pizza Ovens - Casa

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Casa oven chamber -- the perfect wood fired oven "engine"

The vent and chimney manifold (optional steel chimney)
Casa 100 and 110 feature a four-piece dome

Casa Ovens 80 90 100 110 160
Cooking Area ft2 5.2 7.7 8.2 10.7 16
Cooking Area m2 .50 .72 .80 .95 1.5
Heat Up Time (mins) 45 45 50 50 60
Pizzas 200 mm (10") 2 3 4 5 8
Bread Kilos 6 8 10 12 18

Casa 80 Specifications
Casa 90 Specifications
Casa 100 Specifications
Casa 110 Specifications
Casa 160 Specifications
The Casa Series is a family of modular refractory pizza ovens designed for home and garden applications. Both DIYers and professional builders can easily incorporate the Casa pizza ovens into virtually any outdoor or indoor kitchen style. Fabricated using the same high-tech engineered refractory material as our commercial ovens, the Casa pizza ovens are the perfect "engine" for your wood-fired kitchen. Providing the ideal cooking environment to produce professional cooking at home.

Casa ovens are available in five sizes to meet any requirement, ranging from an 80 cm (32") diameter baking floor to a 110 cm (43") x 160 cm (63") large oval baking floor. The Casa ovens, built by Italy's largest and finest wood fired pizza oven producer, provide a world-class cooking experience.

The thermal mass of the Casa Series pizza oven is optimised for home use. They heat up quickly, in less than an hour, and maintain their cooking temperature for hours -- perfect for weekend entertaining and Sunday roasts. Constructed with professional-grade refractory material, the Casa ovens can cook pizza virtually indefinitely, without cooling down.

The Casa Series cooking surface, constructed from 50 mm (2") of the same high quality refractory material, stores heat well and provides an optimal environment for the perfect wood-fired Italian pizza and artisan breads. The pizza ovens incorporate an enclosed refractory concrete vent and chimney manifold, and are shipped with a ceramic insulating blanket, three piece oven tool set and metal door.

We offer an optional decorative brick arch for the Casa series, giving the oven a traditional Italian finish.

Our Casa pizza ovens can be installed using a Forno Bravo Cucine insulating hearth and stand, or a site-built concrete block stand. Our insulating hearth can be placed on your block stand, giving you the best of both worlds -- the easy installation and thermal performance of a prefabricated hearth, and the traditional built-in look of a stone or stucco oven enclosure.

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