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Armstrong Brick Ovens offer a range of domestic modular pizza ovens constructed from both refractory material and brick. Built by skilled craftsmen and artisans at Italy's premier pizza oven producers, each of our ovens features a circular dome, enclosed refractory baking floor, vent and chimney manifold, insulating blanket, oven tool set, and door.

Unlike the old-fashioned "clay" or "terracotta" ovens, both our residential and commercial ovens are constructed from sophisticated, high-tech refractory materials. Every Armstrong Brick Oven heats up faster, holds heat longer and is more durable than any other pizza oven available.

Our ovens can be installed either outside or indoors, in a range of design styles.

If you are looking for a fully assembled oven, check out the toscana ovens.

Our domestic ranges of pizza ovens are available in a variety of sizes from 90 cm (35") diameter baking floor to a 110 x 160 cm (43" x 63") oval oven. The most popular oven sizes for a house and garden are typically between 90cm (35") and 110 cm (43"), giving you enough room to cook several pizzas or loaves of bread at a time, or to cook roasts along with platters of vegetables

There are three different types and styles of Armstrong domestic brick ovens:
- Artigiano
- Premio
- Casa

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