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Commercial Italian Pizza Ovens - Twister

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Combine the traditional skills and craftsmanship of Modena's oven builders with modern electronic engineering and digital control systems and the result is a traditional oven with a rotating baking floor.

The Modena "Twister™" oven is constructed to the same high standards as our other Modena ovens. However, by incorporating a fully controlled rotating baking floor the Twister™ has revolutionised traditional pizza baking. Not only can the pizza-chef control the temperature of the oven, the speed of the rotating deck is also at fingertip control along with the duration of cooking. The pizzas are simply placed on the rotating deck, the duration of cooking is entered into the controls and the rotating deck increases in speed. Due to the rotation of the deck the pizzas are evenly cooked on all sides. Once the baking time has elapsed a buzzer sounds alerting the pizza-chef and the rotating deck reduces speed to allow the pizzas to be unloaded thus, reducing the oven management time.

By reducing the workload of the pizza-chef, the Modena Twister™ ovens enable pizzerias to produce more consistent pizzas from a small kitchen and one oven. The oven has a 135cm (53") diameter baking area and can be wood-fired, gas-fired or wood-gas-fired combination. This unique Forno Bravo oven is constructed using the same skills, single piece baking floor and dome that are found in the traditional Modena ovens. The best quality refractories, high insulation and excellent engineering produce a highly efficient, low-cost baking oven

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