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Commercial Italian Pizza Ovens - Ristorante

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Ristorante oven 110 120 130 145 160 185
cooking area ft2 10.7 13.5 14.5 19.2 22.5 30
cooking area m2 1 1.25 1.35 1.8 2.1 2.8
heat up time (mins) 50 50 55 60 60 60
Pizzas 200 mm (10") 6 7 8 10 12 15
bread kilos 12 14 16 20 24 32

Ristorante 110 specifications
Ristorante 120 specifications
Ristorante 130 specifications
Ristorante 145 specifications
Ristorante 160 specifications
Ristorante 185 specifications
The Forno Bravo Ristorante range of ovens is designed exclusively for pizzerias, restaurants and small bakeries. These pizza ovens, made by Italy's largest and Finest Producer of wood fired ovens, have a track record of proven performance and reliability. There are thousands of Ristorante ovens that are over ten years old and still cooking like they were new.

The weight and thermal mass of these pizza ovens are designed for optimal performance at both high and low temperatures and will bake continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year if required. Constructed from 75 mm (3") thick tempered, high alumina Refractory Material, the Ristorante ovens are capable of quickly reaching and holding the 425 0 C (800 0 F) temperatures required to bake pizzas continually.

Because the Ristorante pizza ovens heat up quickly and are efficient with wood fuel, they reduce the cost of operation. Their sophisticated thermal design enables these ovens to maintain a temperature of 200 - 250 0 C (400 - 500 0 F) overnight, making it easy to bake bread in the morning and pizza for lunch, reducing start up time the next day, and cutting wood consumption. In fact, the Ristorante pizza ovens reduce wood costs by 30% compared with traditional ovens.

The oven's innovative cast iron doorframe maximizes space for placing pizza and food in the oven, while still retaining heat inside the oven

The Ristorante range of ovens is available in six large sizes designed for restaurant use. To see why a modular pizza oven makes sense for your restaurant, read our Brief History of Pizza Ovens. Or, read our Authentic Pizza Movement editorial to see why we think there is a great opportunity for new wood-fired pizza restaurants.

The ovens include an outstanding refractory arch, vent, and landing finished in warm terracotta, as well as a thermometer, cast iron oven opening and steel door. They can be installed using either a Cucine Series metal stand, or can be built on a custom block base and hearth constructed at the restaurant or bakery site.

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