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Commercial Italian Pizza Ovens - Moderna

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Modena Wood Fired Oven

Modena 120 Wood Fired Oven
Modena 140 Wood Fired Oven
Modena 160 Wood Fired Oven
Modena 180 Wood Fired Oven

Modena Gas Fired Oven

Modena 120 Gas Fired Oven
Modena 140 Gas Fired Oven
Modena 160 Gas Fired Oven
Modena 180 Gas Fired Oven

Modena oven 120 140 160 180
cooking area ft2 12.9 15.5 18.5 21.3
cooking area m2 1.2 1.44 1.75 1.9
Pizzas 200 mm (10") 7 12 14 16
Pizzas 250 mm (12") 5 8 12 14
bread kilos 14 18 22 24

Modena Gas Burner

Modena Gas Oven Control Panel
The Modena ovens are a range of fully assembled or kit (build on site} wood-fired, gas-fired or wood / gas fired commercial pizza ovens for pizzerias, restaurants, artisan bakeries and delicatessens. The Modena ovens are made using modern high temperature vibrated refractories and space age insulation to provide an excellent and efficient oven.

Built by a family firm who have specialised in the production of assembled ovens for the commercial sector for many years. The ovens can be supplied fully assembled and just need to be set in place, connected to a flue system and then fired. Or in kit form for building on site.

The thermal mass and unique insulation of our Modena ovens combine to provide an oven that is suited to the demands of commercial use. The essential internal baking floor and dome of the Modena ovens are cast using modern techniques and the best refractories available. The dome of the oven has 75mm thick sides increasing to 100mm thick at the top of the dome. The Modena oven floor is cast in one piece using the same refractories as the dome and provides a smooth backing area without joints.

Due to the high quality insulation the Modena ovens quickly reach and hold the 350oC plus temperature needed to produce the best pizzas or will hold an even temperature to bake breads or slow roast other dishes. The oven easily holds 260 oC plus over night, allowing for a fast reheat the following day. During cooking and baking the outside of the Modena ovens remain cool, allowing them to be installed in the kitchen or on full view of the customers and incorporated in the restaurant's decor.

The Modena Wood Ovens
These traditional wood-fired ovens are the workhorse of Italian pizzerias and are to be found throughout Italy the home of wood-fired cooking. They are an excellent choice for restaurants looking to produce an outstanding pizza for customers who know and appreciate the difference.

The Modena Gas Ovens
These ovens feature a state of the art Italian-made burner and digital controls and are designed and produced specifically to re-create the flavours and cooking environment of a wood-burning oven. The oven can be used either as a gas-fired oven or as a gas-wood combination oven, allowing for flexibility in the choice of fuels. If your premises are situated in a smoke control area or the logistics of obtaining or storing wood are a problem the Modena gas oven will overcome these difficulties.

Both the gas-fired and the gas-wood-fired combination ovens control their oven temperatures electronically, minimizing fuel consumption, while maintaining the optimal temperature. They are also the right choice for customers looking to produce a more consistent and reliable pizza rather than pizzas that require highly trained kitchen staff.

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