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Our Range of Products

Domestic Italian Pizza Ovens
We supply a range of top quality modular Italian ovens for the domestic user. These ovens are ideally suited for the household or garden and make building a DIY wood–fired oven of your own both easy and fun . More info.

Commercial Italian Pizza Ovens
Our Ristorante and Modena ovens are for commercial operations that demand top quality cooking environments, reliability, flexibility, high outputs and the most economical fuel consumption. The ovens are suitable for pizzerias, restaurants, small bakeries, delicatessens etc, and will bake pizzas continuously, fast grill or slow roast meats and vegetables, bake breads, croissants and quiches. The "Twister"-or rotating deck-wood or gas-fired oven is a new and exciting concept in oven management. More info.

Bespoke Italian Ovens
We can offer a full personal design and installation service for our ovens that can incorporate almost any specialist ideas and needs. Cast Iron doors, decorative brickwork, mosaic tiles etc. More info.

Mobile Pizza Ovens
After extensive research and testing we introduced our first catering mobile wood-fired ovens in 2005. We can now offer ready assembled ovens to install onto your own trailer or have a trailer built to your own requirements. Coming soon will be a range of pizza carts ideal for garden use, hotels, small functions etc. More info.

Commercial Bread Ovens
For bakeries that require a higher volume of production we can offer bespoke wood-fired ovens to suit every need. These ovens are of the classic low arched design and are especially good at baking sourdough breads. The low arch and high thermal mass combine to produce a unique crust and colour, only found on breads baked in wood-fired ovens. More info.

Building a Brick Oven

The Self-Build Pompeii™ Brick Oven
The self-build Pompeii Oven is a set of free plans that describe how to build a traditional Italian brick pizza oven. The oven is constructed using firebricks and normal building materials easily found at most local builders' merchants. It's a great oven, and a fun project. More info.