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For the true artisan baker

Gueulard ovens are a true brick or masonry oven and are designed for wood firing. The ovens have a firebox or furnace situated outside of the baking chamber, have a very low brick arch or oven roof and have flues at the back of the oven to remove the burnt wood gasses.

Operation of the oven is by first loading the furnace with wood and then firing the oven. The flames and heat generated in the furnace enter the baking chamber via a hole in the top of the furnace and are then directed down the oven via the cast iron Gueulard. As the flames and heat travel down the oven the baking floor and the low arched ovens roof absorb the generated energy. The waste gasses then exit the oven via the flues at the back of the oven.

Gueulard oven furnace

Once the oven has been fired and reached baking temperature the flue dampers are closed and the oven is allowed to rest prior to scuffling (cleaning). The oven is then loaded with bread either with a peel or setter (rotary loader). From one firing of the oven three loads of bread will be baked.

Compared to the Roman and Scotch ovens the Gueulard oven has several different and much more efficient design features. The wood to fire the oven is loaded into the furnace at the front of the oven with the burnt wood ash falling through the fire bars into an ash pan. This keeps the baking chamber much cleaner.

The ovens low arched roof gives a more constant baking environment especially suited to sourdough and oven or hearth baked breads.

The full width drop down sectional oven door allows quick and efficient loading and unloading of the oven using peels or setters.

Gueulard ovens can be re-fried quickly if more bread production is required. These ovens will also retain ample amounts of low-grade heat for the production of cakes, quiches, tray bakes, biscuits, granola and of course roasting meats and vegetables.