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With over 15 years experience of building and renovating bread and wood fired pizza ovens in the UK, Europe and the US we have now created Armstrong Brick Ovens to provide sales, service and support for the full range of Armstrong Brick Ovens products and Armstrong wood and gas-fired ovens for pizzerias, restaurants, delicatessens and, of course, domestic users.

We also continue to work in the commercial wood fired sector, providing consultancy and advice in the use of wood fired baking alongside Andrew Whitley and can offer a wide range of commercial wood fired bakery ovens. This is definitely a growing sector, especially in the area of organic and artisan products.

One of the aims of our business and this site is to try and bring some humanity and fun back into providing and cooking your own real food with a real oven and real fuel. My good friend Andrew Whitley, founder of the "Village Bakery", shares his passion and knowledge of making good wholesome bread through his acclaimed book and courses "Bread Matters". Peter Reinhart in his book " American Pie" does the same for pizzas. Here at Armstrong Brick Ovens we are able to provide the best ovens for both bread and pizza - and lots more -, giving you the opportunity to create your own real food.